Cheer Pack North America becomes a member of Climate Collaborative

climate-collaborative-logo_tagline_200px_1_Cheer Pack N.A. (CPNA) recently became a member of the Climate Collaborative:   

This membership reinforces CPNA’s commitment to the environment.

Climate Collaborative is a community of businesses committed to improving our climate across 9 sustainability metrics, including Packaging, a key metric.  Please see the list of the top Climate Collaborative participants including Cheer Pack N.A. below.

Commit to Climate Action

“This month we are thrilled to welcome Cheer Pack N.A. as a Climate Collaborative Leader level donor!  Cheer Pack is a manufacturer of spouted pouches used in the packaging of baby food, children’s snack, yogurts, pet foods, dressing, condiments and other food and non-food items.  Since most of our industry’s climate impact is in the supply chain, having suppliers like Cheer Pack at the table is vital and we’re very excited to have them on board.  “Cheer Pack N.A. is excited to support Climate Collaborative and do our part to assist your great efforts” says Al Madonna, Cheer Pack’s Director of Marketing.  Thank you so much for your support, Cheer Pack!”

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Pep Up by Cheer Pack


Cheer Pack North Americais pleased to present the exclusive premade PepUp® pouch. Developed with an innovative pouring and self-closing system, convenient for most beverage applications.

This is a unique and worldwide patented technology held by CPNA’s global partner, the Gualapack Group.

To learn more about this new technology, contact us at:

(888) 593-2214 or