The Bevels™ Cap Addresses the Need for a Flexible Spouted Pouch Cap that Appeals to Consumers Who Are in Their Tweens and Older

West Bridgewater, Mass., March 15, 2019 – Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap, which is available for use on most CHEER PACK® flexible packaging products. Responding to client feedback as well as food industry market research, CPNA developed the CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap to address the need for a flexible spouted pouch cap that appeals to consumers who are in their tweens (8 to 12 years of age) and older.

The appearance and ‘easy grip’ feature of the octagonal-shaped CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap differentiates it from the CHEER PACK® traditional CHEERClassic™ Cap, which was formerly known as the ‘Baby Cap’. Because most baby food that’s marketed in flexible spouted packaging includes a rounded cap, many tween-aged and older consumers have reported they did not want to consume a product in packaging that resembles a flexible pouch for baby food. Additionally, teenage and adult consumers are more likely to purchase “aged-up” products in spouted pouches with caps that have a unique or more ‘grown-up’ shape.

One category that is a natural fit for the Bevels™ cap is energy and nutrition products, which are geared toward active consumers, a market that continues to present significant growth opportunity. Other exciting spouted pouch food and non-food applications include condiments, toppings, sauces, refrigerated yogurts, hand lotions, and skin care. The CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap is also available in the same colors as CPNA’s current standard line of injection-molded spouted pouch caps – green, purple, yellow, blue, red, white, and orange.

The CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap was developed in the CHEER PACK® Innovation Center (CPIC), a research and development incubator that enhances the speed-to-market of a client’s flexible packaging innovation ideas. The CPIC also functions as an in-house equipment training support center. It’s designed to provide testing of films, resins, and additives for designing and manufacturing flexible pouches, fitments, and caps for food and non-food products. The center’s equipment includes test filling machines, an SLA machine for rapid 3D prototyping, a pouch film sealer, and an injection-molding machine.

“In the CPIC, our engineers can rapidly develop flexible pouch, fitment, and cap prototypes for customers that can be used as samples to demonstrate a product’s features and functions prior to mass-producing the item,” said Cheer Pack N.A. President Steve Gosling. “Since its inception, the work that our team has done in the CPIC has produced the innovative CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap, which we are very proud to be launching, as well as other patented flexible pouch solutions.”

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About Cheer Pack North America

Cheer Pack North America is the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging in North America, combining convenience and functionality for our customers. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer of injection molded parts, flexible pouches, and pouch filling equipment. We offer pre-made spouted pouches or the individual parts separately to ultimately provide an innovative, flexible, portable, and highly functional system designed to meet the industry’s strictest safety standards. Our premade pouches feature a sealed-in, easy flow spout with a re-closeable, tamper-evident cap, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Cheer Pack pouches, caps, fitments and fillers are ideal for all types of liquid and viscous food and non-food products across a range of processes that include hot fill, retort, cold / ambient fill, and high-pressure processing.