Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is Helping Brand Owners Serve the Needs of Consumers Who, More Than Ever Before, are Using E-Commerce Channels to Purchase Products

Compared to Glass, Plastic Containers, and Other Packaging, Flexible Spouted Stand-Up Pouches from CPNA Provide an Ideal E-Commerce Packaging Solution in a Wide Range of Product Categories

West Bridgewater, Mass., June 4, 2020 – During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Cheer Pack North America has continued to ensure that the health and safety of its employees, customers, and local communities remain the company’s highest priority. As an essential business, Cheer Pack N.A. has maintained operations at its Massachusetts headquarters during the current health crisis and the company is, fortunately, well-positioned to help brand owners that are serving the rapidly evolving needs of consumers who, more than ever before, are using e-commerce channels to purchase products.

Prior to the dramatic changes in consumer shopping habits caused by the pandemic, e-commerce had already created a significant impact in recent years on sales at traditional brick-and-mortar retail locations. Now, statistics show that beginning in April 2020, the increase in e-commerce shopping in the U.S. has become even more dramatic. According to market research from IRI, following an initial period of “panic buying” in retail stores in March 2020, consumers have shifted a significant share of COVID-19 spending on packaged goods to e-commerce. In late March, e-commerce comprised roughly 7 percent of consumer spend on edible goods in the U.S. – by late April, that number jumped to over 9 percent, a significant shift in a $400B+ industry.

Additionally, IRI reports that e-commerce grocery sales are expected to nearly triple from $26 billion in 2018 to $70 billion in 2021. As internet-based shopping continues to skyrocket, many companies are turning to Cheer Pack N.A. to provide sustainable flexible packaging for the e-commerce marketplace. Flexible spouted stand-up pouches from Cheer Pack N.A. provide an ideal e-commerce packaging solution in a wide range of product categories that include baby food, snacks, energy and nutrition, sauces and condiments, and skin and health care.

Among the advantages of flexible pouches in the e-commerce channel for food and non-food products is the fact that pouches do not shatter like glass or crack like rigid plastic containers. Also, they are significantly lighter and cube out much better than glass, plastic containers, and other packaging formats. According to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the product-to-package ratio is 35:1 for flat flexible pouches versus 1:1 for glass bottles and caps. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies and drop-ship test results (passed) are available from Cheer Pack N.A. quantifying additional sustainability and transportation benefits. These supply chain efficiencies and performance advantages of flexible pouches in the transportation process makes CHEER PACK® pouches the ideal fit for the e-commerce market channel.

“During this unprecedented time as the demand for reliable e-commerce packaging solutions continues to rise, Cheer Pack N.A. has made every effort to ensure that our innovative pouch packaging will safely provide Brand Owners’ products to consumers as we simultaneously take the appropriate steps to protect the health and well-being of our employees and customers,” said Al Madonna, Cheer Pack N.A. VP of Marketing.

About Cheer Pack North America
Cheer Pack North America is the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging in North America, combining safety, convenience and functionality for our customers. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer of standard and custom injection molded parts, flexible pouches, and supplier of pouch filling equipment. We offer pre-made spouted pouches or the individual components separately to ultimately provide an innovative, flexible, sustainable and highly functional system designed to meet the industry’s strictest safety standards. Our premade pouches feature a sealed-in, easy flow spout with a re-closeable, tamper-evident cap, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. CHEER PACK® spouted or flat pouches, caps and fitments are ideal for all types of liquid and viscous food and non-food products across a range of processes that include hot fill, retort, cold / ambient fill, and high-pressure processing.