Cheer Pack North America: The Original Spouted Pouch

Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is a US manufacturer of spouted pouches used in the packaging of baby food, children’s snacks, yogurts, pet foods, dressings, condiments and other food & non-food items

The Cheer Pack stand-up pouch features a built-in, easy-flow straw with a reclosable temper-evident, screw-on cap. The pouch is made from a multi-layer laminate material with 3-4 layers in a standard configuration. An outer layer of glossy polyester is used to protect our high quality Rotogravure printing. The next layer is selected based on barrier and opacity properties required. An additional layer of nylon adds to increase the strength properties of larger package formats. The internal or final layer is a polyethylene or polypropylene sealing layer. The Cheer Pack pouches are safe, highly attractive, cost-effective and offers practicality with modern technology and perfect ergonomics.

As an added measure of safety to you, our customer, our rails are cleaned prior to use.    

Rail Washer

About Us

CPNA is a strategic partnership established in 2008 to develop and support spouted pouch technology in North America. The ownership consists of Hosokawa Yoko (Japan), Gualapack (Italy) and CDF Corporation (USA). CPNA operates in a 220,000 square foot facility located at 1 United Drive in West Bridgewater MA. We are BRC and IMS certified.

CPNA is also the exclusive supplier of 3A-17 SSI Authorized Gualapack S.p.A. filling equipment in North America. Our fillers conform to the organization’s strictest sanitary standards for the handling of milk products.

Our manufacturing facility supplies pouches to the USA, Canada and Mexican markets.

Our product, a spouted pouch, requires a number of key components and a great deal of technical expertise. Our facility is divided into 3 basic business supply units:

  • Injection molding: We operate high speed full electric injection molding presses which has produced about 1.3 billion parts since startup. These presses manufacture two products; the straw that is inserted into the pouch and the cap for the pouch once it is filled.
  • Pouch converting: We operate high output pouch forming lines.
  • Fitment attachment:We supply pouches to this growing market using our custom built straw sealing machines.

We also offer a versatile line of filling equipment. Please find this information on the FILLING MACHINES page of our website.