Commercially Available


  • Standard
  • Brick
  • Textured and embossed
  • Wavy cap
  • Offset Printing
Cheer Pack Custom Cap


  • Clear, Barrier Pouches with AlOx
  • Shaped Pouches – stock shapes or customize your own design
  • Matte coatings – offers a more natural or organic appearance on shelf
  • Bottom or side gusset pouches
  • Pepup – die cut, pre-made pouch with laser tear opening and non-spill feature
  • Multiple film options – hot fill, retort, dairy, clear barrier, etc.
Angled Shaped Pouches
Shaped Pouches



8.6mm – standard size

  • Opaque, natural color (standard)
  • Colored spouts (available)

14mm & 22mm – new sizes

  • 14mm available in baby/small cap. Suitable for larger lumps / chucks
  • Filling of think / higher viscosities
  • Higher product flow rates to consumer

All available in Hot fill (PE) & Retort (PP)

In Development

  • Pouches for High-Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • Anti-Spill / Controlled Dispensing Spouts
  • Barrier Spout – to prevent product discoloration due to oxidation
  • Sport Cap with Flip Top
  • Larger Format / Corner Spout
  • Flat Pouches – non-spouted with straight tear and/or zipper closure
  • Film Structures – improved stiffness, improved barrier, hard to contain products, bio-based, compostable, etc.
  • Aseptic – low acid / shelf stable