Cheer Pack N.A. offers pre-made spouted pouches or the individual components (flat pouches, caps and spouts) separately depending on your filling process (pre-made on rails or individual components for a form/fill/seal process or inline filling process).


CHEERClassic™ standard cap

CHEERClassic Standard Cap

CHEERValue™ “toothpaste” cap

CHEERPlus™ Bevels™ cap


CHEERPlus™ Vizi™ cap

CHEERPlus™ Links™ cap

Textured and embossed options available

14mm cap


CHEERClassic™ standard 8.6mm spout

  • Natural color
  • Colored spouts available (please contact your CPNA rep)
  • Available in hot fill (PE) and retort (PP)
Cheer Pack Spouts

CHEERClassic™ 8.6mm HPP spout

  • Natural color
  • Ideal for HPP applications

CHEERPlus™ M8 spout

  • Current rigid containers are heavy and susceptible to damage
  • An industry first: Use standard M8 thread caps (e.g., from Aptar, GCS, Silgan) to fit on this uniquely designed CHEER PACK® spout
  • Ideal for non-food markets including: hand creams and sanitizers, auto-related cleaners, home and lawn products and skin care and lotions
  • A spout with a secret – One spout design, multiple cap options!
  • Contact your CPNA rep for more information

CHEERClassic™ 14 mm spout

  • Natural color
  • Ideal for larger particulates or higher viscosity products
  • Available in hot fill (PE) and retort (PP)
14mm Spout

14 mm spout


Multiple pouch options for ambient, cold chain, hot fill, retort, dairy and HPP applications

CHEERClear™ barrier pouch

  • The first N.A. company to offer a clear spouted pouch solution
  • 68% of shoppers surveyed said that it’s important to be able to see the food inside the package (Mintel)
  • Only Cheer Pack N.A. offers a unique suite of spouted pouch solutions including the unique Bevels™ cap
  • Available for retort, hot fill, ambient and cold chain applications
CheerClear Pouch

CHEERPlus™ Cubes™ side gusset (Cheer Pack) pouches

  • Glass and rigid plastic containers are heavy and susceptible to damage
  • Delivers a lightweight, more cube-efficient package solution
  • Safer, more convenient and sustainable package than glass or plastic containers
  • Large billboard area for brands to maximize shelf message and drive impulse sales
  • Size options: 250ml/ 330ml/355ml/ 500ml and 1000ml
  • Structures: PE & PP options available
  • Spout sizes: 8.6mm and 14mm
  • Ability to print different messages on side gusset  (simple repeat pattern only)
  • Ideal for products with multi-serve applications: juices, dairy, sauces, condiments, energy, smoothies / fruit purees, nutraceuticals, skin care, body wash    
  • Cold chain, ambient, hot fill and retort applications
  • Appeals to Millennials, a key shopper demographic
  • Cube is the new cool!

CHEERShapes™ custom-shaped pouches.

  • We can quickly design your unique shaped-pouch in our Cheer Pack Innovation Center (C-PIC)
  • Create a shape consistent with your brand to reinforce a product’s branding strategy
  • Shapes can reflect a product type or logo such as a pear or animal-shape
  • Available in multiple structures and print surfaces to address almost any product application / design
  • CHEERShapes™ – Shape your category’s future!

CHEER PACK® Lite™ Small-Order Promo Program

  • UHD (Ultra High Def) print technology for CHEER PACK® pouches
  • Process colors CYMK+W only plus an option of a matte finish
  • Amazingly vibrant graphics and sharp print definition (down to 4-point)
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Structures: standard 3-layer Alum and AlOx
  • Current applications: Cold Chain, Ambient Fill, Hot Fill and HPP
  • No cylinder or print plate charges.  Ask your Account Manager for details

CHEERPlus™ No-Spill™ Spouted Pouch with SmartSeal® Technology


  • Flip cap for convenient one-hand only opening and closing
  • Flexible pouches are easy to pack for on-the-go convenience
  • More sustainable solution than rigid plastic or glass containers
    • Lightest weight packaging format for beverages
    • Best product-to-package ratio
    • Ideal e-commerce package
    • Cap tether to spouted pouch for improved carbon footprint
  • Flattens once used

No-spill Security

  • Great for all ages — no more spills and messes!
  • Squeezing the packaging will not allow contents to seep out

CHEERClassic™ standard bottom gusset (Doyen) pouches from 40 ml to 250 ml