Post Pasteurization

Elliptical Pasteurization System

Elliptical Post Pasteurization System

Elliptical Post Pasteurization System:

Purpose: Post pasteurization is designed specifically to insure that the packaging and cap have received sufficient heat treat to insure cleanliness. The second loop is designed to cool the pouch for packaging.


Compacted design reduces foot print and equipment height!
Multiple head spray units for efficient heat transfer
Plug and play for quick start up.(half the time of other designs)
Production speeds to 180 pouches/minute
Four individually controlled lanes for the pouch delivery
Uniform management and smooth delivery of pouches designed for automation
Post pasteurizing up to 4 minutes of dwell

Bath Pasteurization System

Bath Pasteurization System


Bath Style System

The post pasteurizing spray system will operate at 80 packs /min. The system includes a steam/water heat exchanger. (Steam and water supplied by customer)

A cooling system uses a bath which is used to bring the package and contents down in temperature. (Cooling medium and water supply by customer). The system includes a recirculating pump and water to coolant heat exchanger.

A simple control cabinet includes the motor starters and circuits.