Cheer Pack North America Announces Partnership with SmartSeal® 
to Create the CHEERPlus™ No-SpilL™ Spouted Pouch with SmartSeal® Technology

Revolutionary, Flexible Spill-Proof Package Solution is Ideal for 
Beverage and Food Processing Companies that Produce a Wide Range of Liquid Products

West Bridgewater, Mass., May 26, 2021 – Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is pleased to announce it has partnered with SmartSeal® to create the CHEERPlus™ No-Spill™ Spouted Pouch with SmartSeal® technology. This new, revolutionary flexible spill-proof package solution is ideal for food and beverage processing companies that produce and market a wide range of products including juices, fruit purees, smoothies, energy drinks, and specialty coffee beverages.

The lightweight No-Spill spouted pouch with patented SmartSeal valve technology delivers convenience by utilizing a tethered flip cap for one-handed opening and closing in a package that’s easy to pack and carry for today’s on-the-go consumer. The pouch’s SmartSeal no-spill security is ideal for users of all ages as squeezing the package never results in leakage – the liquid inside will only dispense when suction is applied to the patented valve. This innovative packaging solution is compatible with both hot fill and aseptic processing and is perfect for outdoor activities, playing sports, traveling, and keeping kids and toddlers spill-free at home, in the car, and everywhere in between.

“Cheer Pack North America is very excited to form this partnership with SmartSeal and the proven no-spill technology that they bring to our suite of flexible spouted pouch products,” said Steve Gosling, president of CPNA. “Both Cheer Pack and SmartSeal agree that the combination of SmartSeal’s no-spill caps and CPNA’s innovative flexible pouches is a game changer for the industry and we’re working together to fully launch our No-Spill spouted pouches with SmartSeal technology in early 2022. In the meantime, we welcome current and prospective customers to contact us to obtain samples that we are now manufacturing at our North American headquarters.”

The features and benefits of the No-Spill spouted pouch with SmartSeal technology include a tethered closure, finger grip on the cap for easy opening, hinged cap for simple reclose, and a tamper-evident security seal. SmartSeal caps are also available in a range of colors that enable brand owners to replicate the look and feel of their current product packaging.

Additionally, due to their lighter weight compared to other packaging such as rigid plastic and glass containers, environmentally-friendly CHEERPlus No-Spill spouted pouches with SmartSeal technology are sustainable and offer increased cube efficiency for shipping and distribution. Plastic and glass containers, which have a greater carbon footprint than flexible pouches, are also prone to dispensability issues that can result in food waste as well as customer dissatisfaction. Flexible pouches are also an ideal e-commerce packaging solution because they do not shatter like glass and cube out much better than glass, plastic containers, and other packaging formats.

To learn more about the CHEERPlus No-Spill spouted pouch with SmartSeal technology, please visit or call 1-888-593-2214.

About Cheer Pack North America
Cheer Pack North America is the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging in North America, combining safety, convenience, and functionality for our customers. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer of standard and custom injection molded parts, flexible pouches, and supplier of pouch filling equipment. We offer pre-made spouted pouches or the individual components separately to ultimately provide an innovative, flexible, sustainable, and highly functional system designed to meet the industry’s strictest safety standards. Our premade pouches feature a sealed-in, easy flow spout with a re-closeable, tamper-evident cap, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. CHEER PACK® spouted or flat pouches, caps and fitments are ideal for all types of liquid and viscous food and non-food products across a range of processes that include hot fill, retort, cold / ambient fill, and high-pressure processing.

About SmartSeal®
SmartSeal (founded in Norway) is a Global Company that holds several packaging Valve Technology patents for No-spill, Re-fill & Dispensing. SmartSeal Valves for No-spill drinking experience have been commercially available, mainly in Europe and around the world on rigid packaging beverages in high volumes for the last 10 years. SmartSeal specializes in the development and commercialization of packaging valve technology for No-spill, Re-fill, and Dispensing applications. Learn more about SmartSeal at