Cheer Pack North America Announces Its Participation 
in the 2021 PACK EXPO Las Vegas Show

Cheer Pack N.A. and Their Partners, Hosokawa Yoko and CDF, Will Showcase
 Their Sustainable, Cutting-Edge Innovations in Flexible Pouch, Spout and Cap Technology

West Bridgewater, Mass., September 21, 2021 – Cheer Pack North America (CPNA), the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging in North America, is pleased to announce its participation in the 2021 PACK EXPO Las Vegas conference. The event, which will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 27th to 29th, will include more than 1,500 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest innovations in packaging and equipment technologies.

At booth SU-8080, the CPNA team and its global partners from Hosokawa Yoko and CDF will demonstrate their sustainable, cutting-edge innovations in printed laminated film and flexible spouted pouch and cap technology. Presentations at the booth will include in-depth information about Cheer Pack N.A.’s new product offerings featuring PCR spouted pouches, Vizi™ cap, and the CHEERPlus™ No-Spill™ spouted pouch with SmartSeal® technology.

At the conference, attendees will see live demonstrations each day using Cheer Pack N.A.’s lab filler in Booth SU-8080 of the following exciting CHEER PACK® innovations:

  • The MultiFlex™ large inverted spouted pouch is the only inverted pouch that can stand on its cap or gusset and is offered in standard or custom shapes in an ambient, foil or clear AlOx structure. This game-changing flexible package solution, which significantly reduces packaging weight, is ideal for multi-servings of a wide-variety of products including dairy, nut butters, toppings, sauces, condiments, and skin care.
  • Cubes™ spouted pouches (8.6mm or 14mm, depending on product viscosity) in 250 ml, 330 ml, 355 ml, 500 ml, and 1,000 ml sizes, enable brand owners to merchandise their products in a larger, more cube-efficient, sustainable, and convenient package. Cubes™ is an ideal e-commerce package solution, including the ability to transport SIOC (ships in own container).
  • CHEERPlus™ No-Spill™ spouted pouch with SmartSeal® technology delivers convenience with a tethered flip cap for one-handed opening and closing in a package that’s easy to pack and carry. The pouch’s SmartSeal no-spill security is ideal for users of all ages as squeezing the package never results in leakage – the liquid inside will only dispense when suction is applied to the patented valve.
  • Vizi™ caps deliver improved visibility of tamper-evidency, sustainability and grip. Compared to another player’s cap used in many yogurt form/fill/seal applications, the Vizi™ cap eliminates ~4 tons of plastic from the landfill for every 10 million spouted pouches and caps sold.

Cheer Pack N.A., which was named one of “10 Innovative Packaging Companies to Watch in 2021” by CIO Coverage magazine, will also have a lab filler at booth SU-8080 to conduct live-filling demonstrations during the conference. Attendees can also check out videos in the booth that include a virtual tour of the Cheer Pack Innovation Center at the company’s headquarters, which is used to help brand owners to cost-effectively and quickly design and launch their flexible packaging solutions.

“We are very excited that the PACK EXPO conference is back and – having recently produced our six billionth spouted pouch – we look forward to showcasing Cheer Pack N.A.’s flexible spouted packaging expertise at the show,” said Al Madonna, VP of Marketing, Cheer Pack N.A. “Our sustainable packaging has a quantifiably lower carbon footprint impact versus other packaging types, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate Cheer Pack N.A.’s extensive experience as a fully-integrated manufacturer of printed laminated film, injection-molded fitments and caps for premade spouted pouches and form/fill/seal or inline filling applications and pouch-filling equipment.”

The Cheer Pack N.A. team also invites attendees to our booth, SU-8080, to play Plinko, a fan favorite on TV’s “The Price is Right”, for a chance to win a Bose SoundWear Companion wireless speaker.

To learn more about Cheer Pack North America’s leading-edge film and flexible spouted pouch packaging solutions, please visit or call 1-888-593-2214.

About Cheer Pack North America
Cheer Pack North America is the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging in North America, combining safety, convenience, and functionality for our customers. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer of printed film and laminate, standard and custom injection molded parts, flexible flat and spouted pouches, and supplier of pouch filling equipment. We offer pre-made spouted pouches or the individual components separately to ultimately provide an innovative, flexible, sustainable, and highly functional system designed to meet the industry’s strictest safety standards. Our premade pouches feature a sealed-in, easy flow spout with a re-closeable, tamper-evident cap, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. CHEER PACK® spouted or flat pouches, caps and fitments are ideal for all types of liquid and viscous food and non-food products across a range of processes that include hot fill, retort, cold / ambient fill, and high-pressure processing.