About Us

Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is a manufacturer and the market leader in North America of spouted pouches. Our global strategic partners are Hosokawa Yoko and CDF. This partnership allows CPNA to provide the latest global innovation solutions to our customers.

CPNA is a fully integrated spouted pouch supplier operating in a 305,000 square foot facility at 1 United Drive in West Bridgewater, MA. We also offer clients the Cheer Pack Innovation Center (C-PIC) to conceive and deliver innovative packaging solutions to market quickly and BRC and IMS certified

Additionally, CPNA is also the exclusive supplier of 3-A SSI-authorized Gualapack filling equipment in North America. Our fillers conform to 3A’s strictest sanitary standards for handling milk products.

Our manufacturing facility supplies pouches to the USA, Canada and Mexican markets.

Our product, a spouted pouch, requires a number of key components and a great deal of technical expertise. Our facility is divided into 3 basic business supply units:

  • Injection molding: We operate high speed full electric injection molding presses. These presses manufacture two products; the straw that is inserted into the pouch and the cap for the pouch once it is filled.
  • Pouch converting: We operate high output pouch forming lines.
  • Fitment attachment:We supply pouches to this growing market using our custom built straw sealing machines.

We also offer a versatile line of filling equipment. Please find this information on the FILLING MACHINES page of our website.