Cheer Pack N.A. offers pre-made spouted pouches on rails or the individual components (flat pouches, caps and spouts) separately depending on your filling process (pre-made on rails or individual components for a form/fill/seal process or inline filling process).


CHEERClassic™ standard cap

CHEERClassic Standard Cap

CHEERValue™ “toothpaste” cap

Bevels™ cap


Vizi™ cap

Links™ cap

Textured and embossed options available

CHEERValue 14mm cap


CHEERClassic™ standard 8.6mm spout

  • Natural color
  • Colored spouts available (please contact your CPNA rep)
  • Available in hot fill (PE) and retort (PP)
Cheer Pack Spouts

CHEERClassic™ 8.6mm HPP spout

  • Natural color
  • Ideal for HPP applications

CHEERPlus™ M8 spout

  • Current rigid containers are heavy and susceptible to damage
  • An industry first: Use standard M8 thread caps (e.g., from Aptar, GCS, Silgan) to fit on this uniquely designed CHEER PACK® spout
  • Ideal for non-food markets including: hand creams and sanitizers, auto-related cleaners, home and lawn products and skin care and lotions
  • A spout with a secret – One spout design, multiple cap options!
  • Contact your CPNA rep for more information

CHEERClassic™ 14 mm spout

  • Natural color
  • Ideal for larger particulates or higher viscosity products
  • Available in hot fill (PE) and retort (PP)


Multiple pouch options for ambient, cold chain, hot fill, retort, dairy and HPP applications

CHEERClassic™ standard bottom gusset (Doyen) pouches from 52ml to 250ml.

CHEERClear™ barrier pouch

  • The first N.A. company to offer a clear spouted pouch solution
  • 68% of shoppers surveyed said that it’s important to be able to see the food inside the package (Mintel)
  • Only Cheer Pack N.A. offers a unique suite of spouted pouch solutions including the unique Bevels™ cap
  • Available for retort, hot fill, ambient and cold chain applications
CheerClear Pouch

Cubes™ side gusset spouted pouches

  • Glass and rigid plastic containers are heavy and susceptible to damage
  • Delivers a lightweight, more cube-efficient package solution
  • Safer, more convenient and sustainable package than glass or plastic containers
  • Large billboard area for brands to maximize shelf message and drive impulse sales
  • Size options: 250ml, 330ml, 355ml, 500ml and 1000ml
  • Structures: PE & PP options available
  • Spout sizes: 8.6mm and 14mm
  • Ability to print different messages on side gusset  (simple repeat pattern only)
  • Ideal for products with multi-serve applications: juices, dairy, sauces, condiments, energy, smoothies / fruit purees, nutraceuticals, skin care, body wash    
  • Cold chain, ambient, hot fill and retort applications
  • Appeals to Millennials, a key shopper demographic
  • Cubes is the new cool!

CHEERShapes™ custom-shaped pouches.

  • We can quickly design your unique shaped-pouch in our Cheer Pack ® Innovation Center (CPIC)
  • Create a shape consistent with your brand to reinforce a product’s branding strategy
  • Shapes can reflect a product type or logo such as a pear or animal-shape
  • Available in multiple structures and print surfaces to address almost any product application / design
  • CHEERShapes™ – Shape your category’s future!

CHEER PACK® Lite™ Small-Order Promo Program

  • UHD (Ultra High Def) print technology for CHEER PACK® pouches
  • Process colors CYMK+W only plus an option of a matte finish
  • Amazingly vibrant graphics and sharp print definition (down to 4-point)
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Structures: standard 3-layer Alum and AlOx
  • Current applications: Cold Chain, Ambient Fill, Hot Fill and HPP
  • No cylinder or print plate charges.  Ask your Account Manager for details

CHEERPlus™ No-Spill™ Spouted Pouch with SmartSeal® Technology


  • Flip cap for convenient one-hand only opening and closing
  • Flexible pouches are easy to pack for on-the-go convenience
  • More sustainable solution than rigid plastic or glass containers
    • Lightest weight packaging format for beverages
    • Best product-to-package ratio
    • Ideal e-commerce package
    • Cap tethered to spouted pouch for improved carbon footprint
  • Flattens once used

No-spill Security

  • Great for all ages — no more spills and messes!

Important General Disclaimer: Cheer Pack N.A. film, laminate, flat and premade spouted pouches and caps are designed to be compatible with most Gualapack Group and other manufacturers’ filling machines.  They are designed to work within our existing ambient, cold and hot fill parameters as well as our established post-fill treatment parameters for water pasteurization/hot air pasteurization/retort/cooling/refrigeration/HPP.  As these processes vary site to site, it is important that each customer facility perform testing and validation to ensure compatibility.  Testing must include pouch travel through, and use in, any additional equipment used such as conveyors, case packers, sorters, robotic packers, etc.  Adjustments may be necessary.