One Head Filling Machine

CHP1H Filling Equipment

Cheer Pack North America is proud to offer a line of durable, cost effective, and easy to operate line of spouted pouch fillers.

The entry level model, CHP1H, is a 1 head filler capable of filling 40 pouches/minute.  The magazine bay holds 19 rails pouches (950 pouches) at a time yielding an extended run time without operator attention.  The CHP1H also provides for maximum versatility in being able to fill side gusset pouches anywhere from 52ml to over 1 Liter and bottom gusset pouches from 52ml to 500ml.

Base models can be customized to meet an end user’s needs.

  • Easy, safe, efficient operation for needs of approximately 8 million pouches/year or less.
  • Compact footprint
  • Versatile fill for volumes from 52ml to over 1 Liter.
  • Handles product densities ranging from water to puree
  • Local parts and service by Cheer Pack’s trained technicians.
  • 3A dairy


    44 Items/min


    Cold Filling | Hot Filling | Ultra Clean

Two Head Filling Machine