Two Head Filling Machine

CHP2H Filling Machine

For those looking for more capacity than the entry level filler, Cheer Pack North America is proud to offer the CHP2H.

As with our other fillers, the CHP2H is a durable, cost effective, and easy to operate machine.  The CHP2H, is a 2 head filler capable of filling over 80 pouches/minute.  The magazine can hold up to 1,000 pouches at a time yielding an extended run time of 12 minutes without operator attention.  The CHP2H is versatile in being able to fill side gusset pouches anywhere from 52ml to 500ml and bottom gusset pouches from 52ml to 250ml.  Base models can be customized to meet an end user’s needs.  Easy, safe and efficient operation for needs of approximately 18 million pouches/year.

  • Compact footprint versatile fill for volumes from 52ml to over 500ml.
  • Handles product densities ranging from water to puree
  • Local parts and service by Cheer Pack trained technicians available out of our Boston area factory/headquarters.