Four Head Filling Machine

CHP4H Filling Machine

Cheer Pack North America “workhorse” filler, the CHP4H, continues the same engineering build of the CHP2H in that it is durable, cost effective, and easy to operate with the advantage of more filling heads for faster output.

As a matter of fact, the CHP4H is engineered to work as two CHP2H machines (both a “right hand” and a “left hand”) joined together.  Not only can the CHP4H fill at 170 pouches/minute, it has the added functionality of being able to run 2 different products at once, or having ½ the machine shut down while the other half is running.  The CHP4H is able to fill side gusset pouches anywhere from 52ml to 500ml, and bottom gusset pouches from 52ml to 250ml.  Base models can be customized to meet an end user’s needs.  Easy, safe and efficient operation for needs of approximately 36 million pouches/year.

  • Compact footprint versatile fill for volumes from 52ml to over 500ml.
  • Versatile fill for volumes from 52ml to over 500ml.
  • Handles product densities ranging from water to puree (others to be determined)
  • Local parts and service by Cheer Pack trained technicians out of our factory/headquarters.


    170 ITEMS/min


    Cold Filling | Hot Filling | Ultra Clean