CHP8H information
Filling heads 8
Technology rotary
Speed (pouches/min) 260
Average annual production 65M
Recipes simultaneously up to 4
Pouch sizes
CheerpackTM DP (ml) heads 40-200
CheerpackTM CP (ml) 40-500
Spout position central
Max. footprint (ml) 4.5 x 8m


The CHP-8H has been built to satisy high annual filling volumes, based on a double-step roating table on which the pouches are filled and capped. It is designed to pack liquid or viscous products into various sizes of pre-made pouches.
Equipped with

  • 2 double-deck bag loaders
  • 4 product tanks
  • 8 filling pumps
  • 8 filling heads
  • 4 vibrating cap suppliers
  • 8 screwing heads
  • 4 exit conveyors

All the main components of the machine are in AISI 304/ AISI 316 stainless steel, compliant with food industry requirements. Automatic CIP system installed.

CHP-8H Rotary – 4 Recipes, 4 Caps

  • High output filer (up to 260 pcs/min @100 ml)
  • Maximum flexibility (it can simultaneously fill up to 4 different product recipes, each with a diffrent cap color)
  • Lower manning costs (only 1 operator needed to man 1 CHP-8H filler)
  • Reduced floor space (only 7 x 5.5 m footprint)
  • ZERO RISK (full standard Gualapack technology, no sealing in line)